Top hat repair

Honri Hats can offer a full and extensive range of repairs to both Silk top Hats, Top Hats and Bowlers. This can range from a new band & bow right up to a full refurbishment.

Parts of Top Hats

  • Binding – Edge of Brim
  • Band & Bow – Around Crown Base
  • Merino - Underside of brim
  • Leather/Slip – Sweat Band inside Hat

Top hat repair Price List. All prices include VAT.

Item Work Price
Full House Body Repair, Merino, Binding, Band & Bow, Shape, Leather, Interior, Full Polish £468.00
Soft Brim Repair Brim, Merino, Binding, Leather, Polish £295.00
Re Block Iron out Creases in Body, Polish £150.00
Merino New Merino, Binding, Leather (new/refit), Polish £250.00
Merino, Band & Bow Merino, Binding, Leather, Band & Bow, Polish £290.00
Interior Fit New Interior with original label, light Polish £109.00
Binding Fit Binding Only, Light Polish £150.00
Band & Bow Fit Petersham Band & Bow, Light Polish £110.00
Binding, Band & Bow Fit new Binding, Band & Bow, Light Polish £205.00
Felt Band Fit new Felt Band, Light Polish £63.00
Reshape Re Shape hat, Light Polish £80.00
Polish Full Clean & Polish only £50.00
Leather Slip Fit new leather/silk slip or refit existing, Light Polish £95.00
Leather Slip Shell Body Fit new leather to shell body top hat £95.00

(P&P £12.00)

We will consider and quote on many other hats, ceremonial, Military etc just send us some pictures and we will advise how we can help:

Before repair
Before repair
Before repair
After repair
After repair
After repair