Hunt Caps

The traditional hunt cap has been worn has been worn for many years and prior to the invention of fibre glass it was the only way to get a riding hat made. A true bespoke hat is uniquely shaped to the wearers head. This is possible due to the way that the cap is made.

We have three styles of traditional hunt caps which are all made using the Gossamer body method. This allows us to individually shape the hat to the shape of the rider’s head, and then further adjust over any pressure points that they might have. We can also tailor a cap so that it does not push the ears down and cut up the back either for a hair bun or if it catches the back of the rider’s jacket.

All the styles are available with a leather harness. This does not make the cap a BSI standard cap.

Being a Cotswold based company; we decided to call our three styles of hunt caps after local Hunts.

All the Hunt caps are £860.00 or £895.00 with a Leather Harness.

Hunt Caps
The Berkeley Hunt Cap

The Berkeley

The Berkeley is the classic styled hunt cap. It has a high crown with a deep back. It comes with an oval shaped peak; this could be made a squared one if so wished. The lining is finished in satin with a chamois leather pad in the front...

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The Cotswold Hunt Cap

The Cotswold

The Cotswold has a standard height crown with a less steep rise of the crown compared to the Berkeley. It comes with a rounded peak. The style is idea for the rider who finds the Berkeley too tall. The interior is finished with a satin lining...

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The Heythrop Hunt Cap

The Heythrop

The Heythrop provides a unique individual look. The cap is the same crown as the Cotswold but finished with a squared peak. The style appeals to those who need a broader peak, where the Cotswold peak looks too small. The squared peak...

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