Hunt Cap Refurbishment

Traditional Hunt Caps do require regular maintenance in order to keep them in top condition, either from wear and tear and also repairing damage after a fall. This could be just a new lining or mainly a full refurbishment.

A full hunt cap refurbishment not only replaces the outer covering and lining. We also fully repair and refurbish the body of the hat, so restoring it back to its original condition. This only prolongs the like of the cap but also maintains the hats protection to the full, with the finished cap looking like new. The process of a refurbishment takes up to 6 weeks to complete so at busy times of year could take 8 weeks to be returned. We would recommend that a cap in regular use is refurbished every 3 to 5 years. This will depend on the amount the cap is worn.


Full Refurbishment: £385.00 (£12 P&P)
New Ribbon, Lining and brush up: £140.00 (£12 P&P)