Front right in brown
Front in brown
Side in brown
Interior in brown
Front right crash top hat in black
Back crash top hat in black
Front crash top hat in black
Side crash top hat in black
Coach guards hat in camel
Black top hat

Bespoke Top Hats

We supply bespoke Goss bodied fur felt top hats, these can be worn for many activities including Formal occasions, Carriage Driving and Showing. For the professional user we supply Funeral Directors and Doorman, Film, tv and Theatre.

For those who want to still ride in a top hat we have our crash top hat which has the look of a top hat but the secure fit of a hunt cap. These have been worn on the hunting field as well as on stage with the Scottish Opera production of Onegin in 2019.

Your hat can be made to whatever height is required and will be shaped to your head so providing a perfect fit. Available in Black, Grey, Brown & Navy. We are also able to fit special trims as required.

£795.00 - Lighter weight
£835.00 - Hunting weight
£1,260.00 - Crash Top Hat


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